Monday, May 9, 2011

Pattern Review - Cynthia Rowley 2215

Every Friday afternoon, I daydream of all the wonderful projects and adorable crafts I can do and create, and last Friday was no different. With a new pattern, new fabric and all my matching notions I was all set for a great Friday afternoon.

Well, this weekend it was a pattern by Cynthia Rowley. A simple dress that I thought I could have fun with. Boy was I wrong. Here's the pattern review:

Overall Rating: D

Specific Issues:

-Directions for adding pockets was like trying to read minds.
-Unclear references and bad pictures led to a busy seam-ripper
-Installing the zipper per instructions was a nightmare.
-Sizing was completely off
-Darts don't bring in enough fabric.

This pattern led me to the point of desperation for my very own dress form! What a headache that would have saved me.

Sew at your own risk with this pattern! And let's hope next weekend will be much more fun.

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