About MRHS

Mary Roseanne’s Holiday Shoppe was founded in 2010 by sisters Heidi Weston and Amy Stokke. Their creativity was nurtured and cared for from birth by their mother, Judi. Judi was taught some of her first crafts by her grandmother, Mary Roseanne. And so, in a way, they all have Mary Roseanne to thank for the many crafts they find themselves involved in (some would say too many crafts). Between them, they enjoy crocheting, knitting, paper crafts, quilting, jewelry making, flower arranging, cooking, sewing, decorating and hand needle work.

For 14 years, Judi ran a very successful Christmas boutique in La Habra, California. Now her daughters are grown and involved in crafting themselves, and the boutique bug has struck the family again. Thus is born Mary Roseanne’s Holiday Shoppe, named for the woman who started it all, so many years ago. Heidi and Amy are the founders, Judi is their mentor and senior advisor.

Mary Roseanne’s is intended to meet the needs of holiday shoppers of every kind. The goal is to fill it with craft-forward, quality items of every variety. Heidi and Amy have worked painstakingly to assemble the finest network of talented and creative handcrafters throughout Southern California. We want Mary Roseanne’s Holiday Shoppe to be something holiday shoppers will look forward to all year long.

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